'Final Fight: Double Impact' Date and Price Announced

‘Final Fight: Double Impact’ Date and Price Announced

The Flickcast’s gaming division loves retro. Not one of us hasn’t broken out their old NES, blown into a cartridge, and booted up the original Super Mario Bros. even though it came out decades ago. So when we heard one of our Capcom classic favorites from the Super Nintendo and arcade era was making a return to XBox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network, of course we were excited.

Set for April 14th on XBox Live Arcade and a day later on the PlayStation Network, Final Fight: Double Impact brings back the classic side-scroller beat ’em up goodiness of both Final Fight and Magic Sword. In Final Fight, players take the role of either Cody, Guy or the most jacked mayor ever, Haggar, as they try to save Haggar’s daughter from Mad Gear and his goons. With six levels of Metro City to explore, players will get the chance to see Cody and Guy before they appear in the upcoming Super Street Fighter IV release.

In Magic Sword, players take on the role of “The Brave One” who must defeated the evil forces of a mystical tower and rid the world of its evil lord Drokman. But The Brave One isn’t alone as he has eight companions of unique skill sets who will aid him in his journey.

Both games will feature online drop-in multiplayer as well as a fully remixed soundtrack and updated graphics. The two-pack will retail for $9.99 (or 800 Microsoft Points). Stay tuned to the Flickcast for more news and reviews on Final Fight: Double Impact as it becomes available.

Final Fight Screen Shot

Final Fight Screen Shot

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