Adrien Brody Vs. 'Predators' In This New Featurette

Adrien Brody Vs. ‘Predators’ In This New Featurette

I have to admit that we were all pretty excited to hear about the Robert Rodriguez reboot of the Predator franchise known as Predators and directed by Nimrod Antal. Sure, the original Predator has a lot going for it, including such memorable Arnold Schwarzeneggar lines as “Get to the chopper!” and “You are one ugly motherf***er.” Still, with all that great stuff, a new movie with even more awesome predator action could be a good thing.

In the past we’ve brought you some cool info about this new Predators film including casting info and the first look at the trailer. Now, curtesy of the fine folks at CinemaBlend, we’ve got a new featurette to share with you today.

I admit I was a bit skeptical about Adrian Brody and his ability to be a convincing action hero. But after seeing the recent trailer and now this new video, I’ve changed my mind and think he will be able to pull it off. After all, he’s a gifted actor who should be able to play pretty much any role so fighting predators should be a walk in the park, er, jungle for him.

Judge for yourself and check out the featurette after the jump. Predators hits theaters on July 9th. What do you guys think? Does Brody make a convincing action star?

  • jaime
    March 29, 2010 at 2:55 am

    This movie will bring the Predators movie back on track,i liked AVP:2 i can do without AVP,just picked up Perdator 2 on Blu-Ray for $12 & i’m hopeing theres a SE:edition of the first film on Dvd & blu-ray closer to the new movie hiting screens:)