First Trailer for Danny Trejo's 'Vengeance' Looks Familiar

First Trailer for Danny Trejo’s ‘Vengeance’ Looks Familiar

While this trailer hit the web a few days ago, we’ve been sitting on it because frankly we didn’t think it was real. After a few days and nobody else seemingly raising an eyebrow about it, we’ve come to terms with the very tangible existence of Danny Trejo’s Vengeance.

Why did we think the trailer was a fake? A few reasons, actually. The film looks like it was shot with a low-rent DV camera, which doesn’t make much sense considering the talent involved. That talent? Names that range from Donal Logue to Jason Mewes to 50 Cent to pro wrestler Diamond Dallas Page and UFC fighter Rashad Evans.

Also (and this could just be the trailer, and not the film itself), this looks like a blatant copy of another Grindhouse-styled revenge story starring Trejo, ala Robert Rodriguez’s Machete.

Even with that, the film is very much real. It comes from indie filmmaker Gil Medina who originally wrote the film in 2006 about Trejo being wrongfully accused of murdering his family only to get released and exact revenge as Jack’s Law. It seems like Medina wasn’t quite done with the story, as he’s doing it all over again in Vengeance.

Check out the trailer after the jump and you’ll get what we mean when we think the film is a bit ridiculous. Be sure to keep an eye out for Danny Trejo’s Vengeance when it hits theaters on November 11th, two whole months after Machete.