Marvel Releases New Free Comics Via iPad App

Marvel Releases New Free Comics Via iPad App

In this economy, it’s tough to beat free. Were you aware that Marvel releases a batch of new free comics every week via their popular iPad app? Did I mention that the app is free too? It doesn’t get much better than free comics, folks.

What titles did Marvel make available this week? I’m glad you asked. Let’s check out what sort of comic-goodness we can score for free, shall we?

Runaways (2003) #1: Six couples meet up every year for a party and each year each couple brings their child. This year, the children decide to find out what is so special about this annual party, only to find the parents are committing murder!

Uncanny X-Men (1963) #20: The title of this issue is simply “I, Lucifer!” ’nuff said! Also featuring: The untold story of how Professor X lost the use of his legs!

Fantastic Four (1997) #547: The Wizard has come all the way to Saturn’s moon, Titan, to get revenge on his greatest enemy, but Reed Richards is more concerned with the message encoded in a strange artifact from 700 light years away.

X-Men (2004) #182: When his people need him the most, he shall return! Lord Apocalypse is here to lead mutant-kind into the future of the earth and only the strongest can survive! Plus, just wait until you see his new Horsemen! Even we were surprised!

So what’re you waiting for? Go get ’em! ’nuff said!