We Finally Get The Goods With A New 'Machete' Trailer

We Finally Get The Goods With A New ‘Machete’ Trailer

With Robert Rodriguez’s Predators hitting theaters nationwide today, you can expect most eyes to turn to his next project: the impressive looking adaptation of a spoof trailer Machete.

The film stars Rodriguez’s regular troupe including Cheech Marin, Jessica Alba and Machete himself Danny Trejo. Not enough for you? Well that barely scratches the surface of this massive cast. Joining in the fun, in no particular order, are Robert De Niro, Michelle Rodriguez, Jeff Fahey, Lindsay Lohan, Don Johnson, and Steven Seagal.

This action-comedy spoof features Trejo as the titular character, fighting off evil government figureheads and more. The newest trailer even gives us a little more of Michelle Rodriguez as the aptly named “Shé.”

Check out the trailer after the jump, and catch Machete in theaters on September 3rd.