‘True Blood’ Makes Joe Manganiello Season Four Regular

‘True Blood’ Makes Joe Manganiello Season Four Regular

It looks like at least one new cast member has already gotten a big benefit from the recent announcement of True Blood’s renewal for a fourth season. According to Deadline, everyone’s favorite new werewolf Alcide — aka actor Joe Manganiello — has been given the word he will become a show regular for the new season.

Originally only supposed to appear in a handful of episodes this season, the actor supposedly so impressed the show’s producers and was embraced by True Blood fans that his role was expanded. Obviously, this is something I’m sure the actor is thrilled about.

With some original cast members supposedly being killed this season, it makes sense that the show’s producers will need fresh, um, blood to fill in. With all the hype these days surrounding vampires and werewolves it makes sense that this character would get the nod.

Who knows, maybe the show is setting up some kind of super love triangle (Or love square?) between Sookie, Bill, Eric and Alcide? If done right, that could prove very interesting indeed.

Maybe we will get some more news during True Blood‘s panel at Comic-Con? If so, we’ll be sure to bring it to you.