‘Machete’ Gets A Fast-Cut Red Band Trailer

‘Machete’ Gets A Fast-Cut Red Band Trailer

There are a lot of things that can be said about the directing style of Robert Rodriguez since his start with El Mariachi back in 1992. His style may have changed drastically to accommodate to many films, but one thing is for sure, he has always stayed away from the cheap MTV-style fast cuts and hokey editing tricks. The newest red band trailer for Machete could mean that he’s thrown that rule out the window.

The trailer comes as a treat to those who made it out to Comic-Con this year, and now those who didn’t. It’s also a red band in every sense of the word. You get plenty of swearing, hyper violence, and nudity. Also? A few great lines from De Niro and Segal, which almost makes it all worth it.

The trailer is hyper-stylized, with plenty of stutter cuts and can make you a bit nauseous if you’re trying to follow what’s going on. We’ve said enough, though.

Check the trailer out for yourself, courtesy of the cats at IGN, after the jump, and catch Rodriguez’s Machete in theaters September 3rd.

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