Exclusive Interview: WWE Superstar John Morrison Gives The Scoop on SummerSlam

At The Flickcast, we have a special appreciation for anyone who has been able to harness the power of the Internet and use it as a tool to make their way into the spotlight. One such example of this in the world of wrestling is John Morrison. After a stint on ECW, John Morrison was relegated to mid-card matches on SmackDown until he was paired up with the Miz and won the WWE Tag Team titles.

There, the two came up with the Dirt Sheet, a weekly internet short on WWE.com which quickly skyrocketed the pair’s popularity. After that, Morrison and Miz have both been on the top of the card for both TV and Pay-Per-View.

At Comic-Con, we got the chance to sit down with John Morrison who is currently preparing for his upcoming SummerSlam match against the Nexus. He won’t be alone though as he is joining John Cena, R-Truth, Chris Jericho, Edge, The Great Khali and the legendary Bret “The Hitman” Hart in the ring.

John talks about his Muscle and Fitness cover and his workout ethic. John also gives us an in-depth analysis of his mindset and that of the rest of “Team Morrison” for his upcoming SummerSlam match. He discusses his new action figure and we even ask John about the future of a possible Dirt Sheet reunion.

Check out the full interview below and check back often for more upcoming interviews with some fan favorites at WWE.

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