Interview: WWE's Bella Twins On Their Dream Match, More

Interview: WWE’s Bella Twins On Their Dream Match, More

At Comic-Con, we got the chance to catch up with the Bella Twins, WWE’s first and only pair ever of twin Divas. We had the pleasure of talking to Brie back in April about her and Nikki’s experience with Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and their first WrestleMania.

This time, we got not one but both of the lovely ladies to sit down and talk to us at the Con. Having lived in San Diego for some time, this was the twins’ first time attending Comic-Con so we made sure to get their thoughts on all the things they had seen. We also talked about what the twins see for themselves moving forward as the special celebrity guests have ceased on Monday Night Raw as they had been officially the assistants each week for these guests.

Brie (on the left) and Nikki (on the right) give us some insight on their dream matches moving forward as well as intentions on the Diva’s Championship. The girls discuss with us wrestling inspirations and even let us know where they’d like to see themselves at the upcoming WrestleMania.

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