New Trailer: 'DJ Hero 2' Multiplayer Vignette

New Trailer: ‘DJ Hero 2’ Multiplayer Vignette

There’s no doubt that this year’s DJ Hero 2 has a strong focus on the multiplayer aspect. With the focus of adding a second turntable to the mix and a microphone, DJ Hero 2 is looking to define itself as the new party game. In the trailer below, you’ll get to check out the game’s six new multiplayer modes and how Jamie Jackson, creative director of the game over at Freestyle Games, says DJ Hero 2 is meant to inspire a party.

Party Play: The ideal party scenario mode. Someone puts together a set list and just hits play. The game acts as a soundtrack to the night where up to three players at once can jump in and out at a whim in one of two turntable or singing positions. There’s no failing this mode and the music keeps going whether or not someone is behind the wheels of steel.

Streak: Players are going head to head trying to build streaks of consecutive notes. Players must bank their streaks along the way to set the bar higher against their opponent. If a player misses a note, it drops them back down to zero. Players only are scored based on their highest bank.

Head to Head Star Battle: Straight up points versus points battle. Players are going against each other doing the exact same mix and a singer is being scored as well. Players will get the opportunity to screw with each other along the way using various mixing techniques as well.

Checkpoint: Players compete section by section of the song. Instead of worrying about overall grand total score, players are focused on winning the most portions of the song with the player having won the most checkpoints taking the competition.

Accumulator: Very similar to streak, players must bank scores. Instead of being judged by only their highest bank, these banks keep getting stacked on top of each other with the grand total of them being the player’s final score.

DJ Battle: The closest mode to a traditional real life DJ Battle, players go back and forth over sections of songs, trying to rack up as many points as they can before kicking the song back to their opponents. This will be the mode that will lead to some of the infamous “You got served” type moments.

Check out the full trailer for DJ Hero 2’s multiplayer modes below.