'Call of Duty: Black Ops' Multiplayer Teaser Goes Online

‘Call of Duty: Black Ops’ Multiplayer Teaser Goes Online

As much as the world loves playing through the single player campaign of the Call of Duty series, no one can argue the series’ long term appeal lies in its multiplayer mode. Players can quickly find themselves spending days and days in multiplayer death-match scenarios. With each iteration of the series, the multiplayer has gotten more intense and added various new dimensions to keep it fresh. In Treyarch’s last game Call of Duty: Black Ops, they added the horde -like Zombie mode where an unending supply of Nazi zombies took it to players.

In this new teaser trailer we see that Treyarch looks to be sticking with a more Modern Warfare theme as they introduce new gadgets and weaponry to the mix. The first new tech seen in the trailer is a surveillance camera.

It looks like it will send a black and white feed of what’s going on in front of it to the upper left corner of a player’s HUD. No doubt this will lead to some great in game traps for players as they can set up cameras around their position to prepare to attack incoming forces.

Up next, crossbows. And not just regular crossbows but timed explosive mounted arrow shooting crossbows. While the crossbow is known for being a more silent but deadly weapon, the silence part goes out the window once the bomb attached to it explodes. Thankfully, the person who it blows up on won’t hear a thing as the explosion will most likely remove their ears from the rest of their explosion riddled body.

And throwing knives? A thing of the past. Why throw a knife when you can have one that shoots right from your hand directly at an opponent’s back?

But the most exciting piece of new tech added to the game comes in the form of remote control cars. Imagine the fun zipping past enemies lines in a too small to shoot at target that you can detonate below the feet of opponents. The mayhem looks like it will no doubt be kicking up a notch.

And even though it goes by incredibly fast at the end, it looks like a theater / replay mode is being added to the game as well. If you slow down frame by frame you can see the game’s footage is being saved as a file. For the people who like to go through and analyze matches or upload videos of some amazing kills, this is going to be their opportunity to do so.

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