Hands-On: ‘Kung Fu Rider’ For PS3 & PlayStation Move

Hands-On: ‘Kung Fu Rider’ For PS3 & PlayStation Move

At Comic Con, we got the chance to check out a lot of games. Too many to even discuss them all. But at the Sony press event, we got our hands on a game that was such an odd concept, it deserved our attention. Developed in house by Sony Japan’s internal development studio, Kung Fu Rider may be one of the most Japanese games in concept seen in a long time.

The game uses the PlayStation Move to control a private detective named Tobio and his secretary Karin as they are on the run from the mob in Hong Kong. The way they make their escape is by using rolling office chairs and other office furniture for a total of 12 different vehicles on downhill street courses which they can grind rails, hop cars and duck under beams. All of this is done with the controls of the motion control to lean them in the proper direction.

Along the way, players collect money to help them speed through the races faster and unlock various items that will help them in their escape. It is confirmed the game will feature 26 courses, each featuring various hidden passages with alternative routes.

The game doesn’t feature a competitive multiplayer but it will feature a cooperative mode. A player can jump in and help the main player by knocking objects out of their way. They can also collect money and bonus objects to help progress through levels faster.

When we asked about the inspiration behind Kung Fu Rider, we were told that German Chair Scooting is very popular on YouTube in Japan. The result is an incredibly unique experience that puts the Move’s motion controls to different extremes than anything else we have seen thus far.

While the controls took a little bit to get used to, the game controlled tight and had a look that brought back a lot of fond memories of playing Crazy Taxi back. Make sure to take a peek below at some video from the event of Kung Fu Rider in action.