Check Out a Whole Bunch More Previews for NBC's Fall Lineup

Check Out a Whole Bunch More Previews for NBC’s Fall Lineup

Friday has ended up being a day where we have a lot of previews for new and currently airing TV shows. This Friday is no exception as we’ve got a whole slew of new previews for upcoming Fall shows from our pals at NBC.

Among these shows are The Event, Outsourced, Chase, Outlaw and the news season of Donald “Your Fired” Trump’s The Apprentice. Yes, that show is still on and yes, his hair still looks like that. Move on.

Here’s the scoop on the previews:

· The Event: Check out the extended 2:30 promo for footage from the pilot and interviews with the cast that are sure to pique your interest.

· Outsourced: This very funny promo finds humor in the slight cultural differences that Outsourced is going to be poking fun at. Let’s just say the phrase “birthday suit” doesn’t translate well…

· Chase: The latest promo teaches us a little about US Marshal Annie Frost’s background. Her troubled life as a child is what drives her to catch the dangerous criminals we’ll see her pursuing.

· Outlaw: The sneak peek below takes you on set to talk to Jimmy Smits and the cast of Outlaw as they give you a comprehensive preview at the Friday series.

· The Apprentice: Donald Trump will be giving the winner of this season a second chance – a privilege that is not lost on the contestants.

Now doesn’t that all sound very interesting? For all the videos, click on through to the other side.


Begging For More


Birthday Suit


Driven By Her Past


Sneak Peek: Outlaw


The Contenders