Check Out All 3 ‘Community’ Commercials From Last Night’s Emmy Awards

For those of you who watched last night’s Emmy Awards…we’re sorry. There weren’t very many upsets and let’s face it, Fallon’s hosting skills left a bit to be desired. The silver lining of last night’s show? Three brand new scenes with the gang from our favorite NBC shows: Community.

The whole gang was together to help pimp the Infinity QX 56 for NBC, but we’re OK with it because it gave the fans a chance to see our favorite Greendale College students a little early before they return for a new season in September. Even Ken Jeong is back for these clips, which makes the whole series that much better.

And for those die-hards out there: yes, there’s even a Glee sucker punch in there as well. Check out the clip after the jump, in which we get some awesome food-TV gags such as How I Met Your Muffins, The New Adventures of Old Crispies, and even LOST carrots.

Catch all-new episodes of Community on Thursday, September 23rd, on NBC.

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