NYCC10: 'Captain America: Super Soldier' Trailer & First Impressions

NYCC10: ‘Captain America: Super Soldier’ Trailer & First Impressions

At New York Comic Con, we had the pleasure of stopping by the Sega booth to take peeks at both the new Captain America game as well as the upcoming Thor title (stay tuned for that story!). When we got to the Sega booth we were given a hands off demo from Brandon Gill from Next Level Games, the developers of Captain America: Super Soldier which is being published by Sega.

We were told right off the bat that one of the most fun parts of the creative process was working with Christos Gage on an original story as opposed to being shackled to the storyline of the movie. The version we saw will be on the XBox 360 and PlayStation 3 but there will be a Wii and Nintendo DS version as well.

The entirety of the title takes place during World War II after his origin. One thing that quickly stood out was the change of Nazi villains to Hydra. In keeping with Marvel’s family friendly image and the youth skew that game may take, it isn’t surprising that they went this route. The entire game takes place with Hydra entrenched in a Bavarian castle with Cap running in to tear them down.

The game plays much like one would expect from a third person action game. Some sections involve waves of enemies, some armed for melee combat and others with guns, that Cap must use his particular set of skills to overcome. Using his agility, strength and shield, Cap must fight through these waves with a Free-Flow Combat system, not unlike that of Batman: Arkham Asylum.

Depending on the position between Captain America and his enemies as well as their current state from being stunned or not, different moves will take place making the game feel more contextual and less scripted and mechanical. Cap is also able to block at appropriate times against ranged enemies, sending bullets flying right back at them, or he can use his shield as his greatest offensive maneuver.

There are also certain platforming sections Cap must traverse as well. Since it’d feel strange to see the uber-athletic Captain America miss jumps and fall to his doom, the team has put in a rhythm game which adds flourish animations that make Cap impervious to incoming attacks.

What we saw looked fun and pretty all at the same time. Even though the version of Captain America: Super Soldier we saw was in a pre-alpha build and will likely be polished further. There seems to be a lot of potential behind it. Along with Red Skull, there have been a large helping of Captain America villains appearing including Madame Hydra, Armin Zola, Baron Strucker and the Iron Cross promised to appear as well.

Check out the first full trailer for the game below.