New ‘Fringe’ Promo Shows They Aren’t Afraid of Fridays

New ‘Fringe’ Promo Shows They Aren’t Afraid of Fridays

Fringe is a show we watch and enjoy around The Flickcast offices. We like it and hope it lasts for along time. Sadly, at least on the surface, Fox’s decision to move the show to Friday night seems like a bad one considering most people “in the know” refer to that as the “time slot of death.”

However, it seems that the creators of the show know full well what they’re in for an have decided to confront their potential time slot problems head on with a new promo that directly addresses the problem. Watching this video makes me even more glad to be a fan of this show. It’s just really clever and, as always, Walter is awesome.

Will the move to Friday end up being the death of Fringe? I sincerely hope not. Hey, it hasn’t hurt Smallville. Maybe by helping spread the word about this promo and how great the show is we can continue to watch Fringe for years to come? Let’s hope so.

Check out the promo after the jump and see what all the fuss is about. Fringe returns to Fox (On Friday nights) starting January 21st.

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