Box Office: 'Battle: LA' Conquers the Weekend

Box Office: ‘Battle: LA’ Conquers the Weekend

Not a bad weekend for Hollywood and the domestic box office, as Battle: Los Angeles took the top spot with a decent $36 million for a March opening weekend. That is just about 50% of the $70 Million production budget of the film. You know what that means: expect a sequel.

Other opening weekend movies didn’t fare as well including the family CG-animated film Mars Needs Moms, which opened with an unfortunate $6.8 Million (the budget was over $150 Million) and landed in the 5th spot. Catherine Hardwicke’s re-imagining of Red Riding Hood pulled in $14 Million and came in at the 3rd spot.

Movement from last weekend was quite significant, as Rango moved to the number two spot and went down almost 50%, pulling in $23 Million over the weekend, and $68 Million since it’s opening last weekend.

Matt Damon’s Adjustment Bureau must have had some terrible word of mouth, as it went down 45% since last week, and went all the way down to the number 4 spot, with $11.5 Million.

Next weekend Relativity’s Limitless goes head-to-head with the Matthew McConaughey vehicle, The Lincoln Lawyer, and the fanboy-crazed Paul. Could be an interesting weekend, if Battle: LA doesn’t retain for another weekend.