Things Get Nostalgic with 4 New ‘Scream 4′ Clips

Things Get Nostalgic with 4 New ‘Scream 4′ Clips

Just when you thought it was safe to answer the phone again, Wes Craven and Kevin Williams (sort of) reunite to bring a whole new generation of teen victims some classic murders and rules to live by with Scream 4.

Just about everyone is back for this final scare, including Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox, and David Arquette. Along with the legacy survivors, there are some great new additions this time, including Kristen Bell, Hayden Panettiere, Alison Brie, and Anna Paquin.

This time around you can expect more gore, more deaths, and more “teenage” girls running for their lives. We’ve got a taste of what you can expect in the film this weekend with four brand new clips.

Check out those clips after the jump, and be sure to race to theaters and support horror with Scream 4 in theaters this Friday.

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