Web Video Roundup: Every Harry Potter Movie in 7 Minutes, Juan of the Dead, & Carmageddon: The Movie

With Con season in full swing Big Bang Theory star Kelly Cuoco helps girls who have that embarrassing moment of realizing they’re the 1,000th Slave Leia at the party.

While it may not make any sense to people outside of the greater Los Angeles area, this trailer explaining the doom that will set in during Carmageddon this weekend is pretty spot-on.

Mob Wives is a pretty ridiculous show concept, but this Funny or Die spoof spells it out in 3 minutes better than we ever could.

Patton Oswalt has managed to find time in his schedule to star in a series of 5 second films. His newest one is both priceless and thought provoking.

Getting ready for the final Harry Potter film this Friday? Then you’re going to want to catch up with Every Harry Potter Film in 7 Minutes.

Pixar guru John Lasseter is a busy guy. How busy? Here’s a short film on exactly what it takes to be the man himself.

Some great new trailers out this week, including Cuba’s first horror film ever, titled Juan of the Dead, and it looks as good as the title is clever.

Who doesn’t love a good lightsaber battle? The only thing that could make it better is if the sound effects were completely done a capella.

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