SDCC11: The 'Star Wars' Saga Deleted Scenes Trailer

SDCC11: The ‘Star Wars’ Saga Deleted Scenes Trailer

With the Blu-Ray release of the Star Wars saga coming this September, 20th Century Fox is titillating fans with a sneak peek at some of the extras, including this trailer of some footage cut from the original trilogy.

The clip shows a handful of glimpses at some deleted scenes, including the “wampas in the Hoth base” sequence. These aren’t from the digitally remastered/Greedo-shoots-first editions released in the late ‘90s; these are from the original original films, right down to the ‘70s film grain—and that’s not to say they look fuzzy. They’re as crisp and good-looking as you could want.

Fox plans to release Blu-Ray editions of both the original trilogy as well as the prequels and, for the fans who need every damn thing, a whopping nine-disc Complete Saga edition that will include over 30 hours of special features from deleted and alternative scenes like these to, well, pretty much anything else George has lying around in the archives.

You can view the trailer after the jump.