Web Video Roundup: Captain America on 'The Avengers' Set, A Killer 'Conan' Fan Trailer, A Supercut Superdump, Ken Block & More!

Web Video Roundup: Captain America on ‘The Avengers’ Set, A Killer ‘Conan’ Fan Trailer, A Supercut Superdump, Ken Block & More!

Welcome to this latest edition of Web Video Roundup where we highlight the best in online video made by pros and fans alike. This week we’ve got Captain America, Conan, a Supercut Superdump and stunt driver Ken Block doing his thing on the Universal back lot. If you haven’t seen what this guy can do with a car, you’re really missing out.

Let’s get to the vids!

• Everybody loves Jersey Shore (for some reason) so it’s time that real stars like John Lithgow and Jesse Eisenberg get in on that sweet reality money.

• Who doesn’t love some early set footage of The Avengers in which Captain America kicks some ass? We certainly do!

• Matthew Rhys puts his collective minds together to figure out how to get laid in this killer Herman’s Head-inspired short.

• Doctor Who fans will appreciate this one: the Don’t Blink Cat Strikes!

• If we see no other trailer for the upcoming Conan The Barbarian remake, this fan trailer alone will make us race to the theater with anticipation.

• There’s nothing worse than Face Blindness (whatever that is). That’s exactly what Milla Jovovich is cursed with in the new trailer for Faces in the Crowd.

• It’s a super supercut week, as we’ve got a handful of awesome cuts to show you from around the web. Up first: lots of backs of heads as we see a collection of follow shots.

• Next up, the 100 Most Awesome Punches in Movies (or at least the most recent ones.)

• Followed up by a collection of every time the line “Silence!” has been uttered in film.

• Here’s an awesome collection of 25 famous actors and actresses before they were big and famous. Sarah Jessica Parker as little orphan Annie?

• Finally, watch pro driver and obvious crazy man Ken Block tear ass around the Universal Studios backlot in his latest vid: Gymkhana 4: The Hollywood Megamercial.