Doctor Who vs. Muppets, Real-Life Futurama, & David Lynch's Nightclub Are All 'On The Radar'

Doctor Who vs. Muppets, Real-Life Futurama, & David Lynch’s Nightclub Are All ‘On The Radar’

Welcome to another edition of On the Radar where we delve into all corners of the entertainment, tech and geek Internets for news, views and whatnot that may have escaped our regular coverage during the week. Let is know if we missed something interesting.

Let’s get started!

• One of our favorite video game fanfilms of recent history, Fallout: Nuka Break is now an even more awesome web series. Enjoy it!

• Want to know what the Futurama characters would look like if they were real and in 3D? Check out these haunting clay busts of Zoidberg, Nibbler, Farnsworth, and Leela.

• Looking for that awesome party beverage for the long weekend? Why not bring it back to the 80s with a home replication of Hi-C’s Ecto-Cooler!

• Fans of both The Muppets and Doctor Who will both be entertained for hours and may have an exploded brain after seeing this mashup of the two universes.

• It wouldn’t be a link post without a supercut, so here’s another mashup of titular lines in movies. TRON!

• As part of the Scarface Blu-Ray release, there is a special feature in which Pacino tries different performances of his famous “little friend” line.

• The upcoming sequel to Wolverine can’t seem to get a break, so it looks like the writer of Live Free or Die Hard is punching up the script. Also? Willow Smith is playing Jean Grey.

Apparently David Lynch designed a nightclub in Paris, and sadly, it isn’t as “funhouse mirror” as we were hoping it would be. At least have an asphyxiation chamber. Something?

• Mondo is back doing what they do best, and designing awesome movie posters that we’ll never get to buy because they sell out so quickly. This time around? Monsters Inc.

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    September 2, 2011 at 10:16 pm

    A real Leela could have the hottest body around but that one eye would still freak me out.. Maybe.