VGA Trailer Roundup: 'Amazing Spider-Man', 'Last of Us', & More

VGA Trailer Roundup: ‘Amazing Spider-Man’, ‘Last of Us’, & More

Saturday night, Spike TV held its annual Video Game Awards show which, as promised, gave the first looks at some huge trailers for 2012’s gaming landscape.

Naughty Dog gets to step away from their blockbuster Uncharted series to work on a new IP titled The Last of Us. This new title takes a different approach from the recent string of zombie / infected scenarios where it looks like it can be a game of stealth and horror mixed together. It isn’t a world like Dead Rising or Left 4 Dead where the creatures flood the street and makes the possibility of combining the stealth and horror genres pretty intriguing.

This has the possibility of becoming a fantastic PlayStation exclusive franchise. The trailer for The Last of Us is definitely one of the great surprises from the VGAs this year.

Since we have enjoyed the two most recent games from Beenox in the Spider-Man franchise, we are eager to see what they do with the upcoming movie tie-in game aptly titled The Amazing Spider-Man. It’ll be interesting to see what approach Beenox takes to the tie-in, if they will try and follow the plot closely as other Spider-Man movie games have done in the past while inserting extra scenes and villains in between pivotal plot points or if they will take a Wolverine: Origins approach that features aspects of the movie but they aren’t the game’s driving force.

Since we haven’t heard much in the way of plot of the next Spider-Man movie, we can’t tell if this invasion of apparent spider slayer style robots is from the movie or a story all on its own, though a possible villain or side character spoiler is revealed. Check it out and let us know what you think.

When we got a first peek at Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, one thing stood out to us among all else. Finally, the most infamous of characters will be featured, and now from the look of this trailer, prominently in a Transformers game. The Dinobots are coming and they will help Optimus pick up where Transformers: War for Cybertron left off a year and a half ago with a very open ending that demanded another game to come in the series. The Fall of Cybertron trailer takes a page from the Michael Bay films in that it has a song, which may be Linkin Park, that is used to hook the viewer with some poignant words over a very emotional scene (well as emotional as robots can be). Check out the trailer below and let us know your thoughts.

Check out this upcoming week’s episode of the Bitcast for more on the VGAs and the trailers we didn’t get the chance to mention in this article.

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