Check This Out: 'Movie: The Movie' Jimmy Kimmel's Super Movie Trailer

Check This Out: ‘Movie: The Movie’ Jimmy Kimmel’s Super Movie Trailer

There is a few ways to make a successful trailer parody. You can play on the cliche’s of a genre, or the general practice of that genre’s trailers. You can cram in big name celebs in roles that mock their drive for Oscar bait or general shamelessness. Or in the case of Jimmy Kimmel’s newest piece of genius you can shove that all in and more.

The trailer for the woe-fully fictional Movie: The Movie features a cavalcade of stars and some sharp satire that should delight anyone and everyone.

Highlights of the piece include Matt Damon’s grapes, black Hitler falling to earth on a meteor and of course Dame Helen Mirren in a hover craft. There is tons to chew on in the extra long trailer and even though it clocks in at close to ten minutes you might be compelled to watch it more than once.

If there is any justice in the world some one will fund a feature length Robo-Lawyer film staring Academy Award Winner Tom Hanks, but with our luck all we are going to get is a baby Kevin James and baby Jason Bateman buddy comedy.

Take a look at the hilarity after the jump.

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