Box Office Report: So Endeths The Reign of 'The Hunger Games', All Hail the New Champ 'Think Like A Man'

Box Office Report: So Endeths The Reign of ‘The Hunger Games’, All Hail the New Champ ‘Think Like A Man’

After a very impressive run, The Hunger Games has finally fallen from the top spot of the box office. It held well again, dropping only 31% and bringing in an estimated $14.5 Million, but at the end of the day it was time for a new hit to take over champion duties, and Think Like A Man is a hit.

Bringing in $33 Million, Think Like A Man ranks as one of the biggest openings of the year. The movie surpassed the expectations and becomes another victory notch in Sony’s belt on the year. When you compare Think Like A Man’s opening with other like films it is ahead of nearly all of them. The strong weekend also ranks as Screen Gem’s third number one opening of the year.

Coming in at number two is the next in a seemingly endless line of romantic films hoping to rekindle The Notebook’s fervor. The Lucky One pulled in nearly $23 Million, which actually made more than Nicholas Sparks’ most famous adaptation. However, like another recent Sparks adaptation, Dear John, more money doesn’t translate to more popularity.

Last weekend’s bummer news of The Cabin in the Woods minimal performance was tempered a bit this weekend. The movie only made a bit more than $7 Million, but the drop was a decent 47%. The solid hold signifies that the film has been getting decent word of mouth, especially considering the movie’s hard sell. It will be awhile before it truly finds it’s own legs on the home market, but this weekend showed the movie will have less stigma as it build’s its cult cred.

We continue to creep closer to the Summer Season, so a lot of films will be testing the pre-summer waters next weekend. Two of the new releases actually look pretty good, the rest not so much. It is likely that a newcomer will take the top spot again next week, but the real question will be which connects with the largest audience.

Oh and The Avengers are coming, T-minus 2 weeks and counting.

1 Think Like a Man $33,000,000
2 The Lucky One $22,805,000
3 The Hunger Games $14,500,000
4 Chimpanzee $10,205,000
5 The Three Stooges $9,200,000
6 The Cabin in the Woods $7,750,000
7 American Reunion $5,231,925
8 Titanic 3D $5,000,000
9 21 Jump Street $4,600,000
10 Mirror Mirror $4,114,000

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