The MPAA Rating For 'Prometheus' Has Finally Been Confirmed

The MPAA Rating For ‘Prometheus’ Has Finally Been Confirmed

For all of you who have been buying into the ‘drama’ surrounding Prometheus’ ultimate rating, we have some good news for you. Fox has confirmed that the moody, dark and probably terrifying sci-fi film will indeed be rated R for sci-fi violence including intense images, and brief language.

Many people never believed that a PG-13 rating was possible for the subject matter, so when it took this long to get a confirmed rating people were getting nervous. It also didn’t help that Ridley Scott has been telling people conflicted things about the movie, the process and the rating for months now.

Speaking of which, Prometheus must be setting a new record for the most outright and open deception from a filmmaker to his audience. Scott has gone on record with several quotes that don’t seem to right based on the footage we are seeing. He already famously said the film would not be a prequel to Alien and only have a core DNA similarity with that franchise. Watching the trailer for 2 seconds pretty much disproves that concept.

I actually think this is a genius ploy on the part of Fox and Scott. In today’s ravenous times we demand information at all costs. In the past filmmakers have tried to just deny that information, but it always seemed to leak. There were scant few surprises in the cineplex anymore, especially for tent pole franchises.

What they seem to be doing now is deliberately giving out false information and forcing a lot of confusion onto the masses. Which is great, because Prometheus has an air of mystery about it, and even the well-informed geeks are not truly prepared for what Scott is giving us.