E3 2012: New 'Amazing Spider-Man' Trailer Debuts the Black Cat, Scorpion and Vermin

E3 2012: New ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Trailer Debuts the Black Cat, Scorpion and Vermin

With the Amazing Spider-Man hitting theaters very soon, things are ramping up fast for the movie tie-in game as well. The Amazing Spider-Man game though doesn’t look to tie in closely to the story of the movie as we are yet to see any images of the Lizard, Captain Stacey or Gwen Stacey. Instead, the game exists in the same world as the film, most likely after it’s events and not concurrently like other Spider-Man film games have done in the past.

This will most likely lead to a more impressive narrative rather than the shoehorned one often given when games try to fit too tightly to the movie’s major plot points. This trailer for the Amazing Spider-Man gives us three new character reveals. The first seen is Vermin. Unlike his comic counterpart, this version of Vermin appears much more rat-like including a tail. Our main hint that this is Vermin in the game is the hordes of rats seen running around on-screen during his encounter with Spider-Man.

An obvious addition to the cast is the Black Cat. How this character may play into future films in the rebooted film franchise could be very interesting, especially since her relationship with Spider-Man was always complicated by Mary Jane, not the film’s Gwen Stacey. Finally, the Scorpion returns to gaming with a look somewhat reminiscent of his 2099 version from Beenox’s other release. It looks like they are going for a bio-organic Spider-Slayer armor for this version of the Scorpion, which is fitting considering his current role in the comics.

Check out the full trailer below. Stick tight to The Flickcast for all news on the Amazing Spider-Man before it’s June 26th release and of course, all your E3 coverage.