First Pic of The Governor from 'The Walking Dead' Is Some Guy We Don't Recognize

First Pic of The Governor from ‘The Walking Dead’ Is Some Guy We Don’t Recognize

Okay, to be fair, I know The Walking Dead is a television adaptation of a comic book. I also know TV has different demands and often shows don’t stay completely true to their source material. Anyone who’s read the Walking Dead comics knows the series has deviated in several significant ways. And that’s part of the deal.

However, when you have an actual visual guide as to what a very popular character is supposed to look like, it’s not too much to expect that it might be followed. Case in point is the release of what is being called the first picture of the Governor from next season’s The Walking Dead.

I’m not going to say any more and just let you look at the two pictures above and tell me if those look like the same character to you. Yeah, me either. It’s weird, they did a very good job with Michonne too.

This is what happens when you get greedy and fire your showrunner after the first season. Or, let’s hope this is just some sort of flashback and the real Governor actually makes an appearance.

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