SDCC12 Preview: The Flickcast vs. 'The Walking Dead'

SDCC12 Preview: The Flickcast vs. ‘The Walking Dead’

The world we know is about to end. An epidemic of apocalyptic proportions will sweep the globe causing the dead to rise and feed on the living. The only way to survive is to buy an Evac Pass, track the virus and get out before it is too late.

In a matter of months society will crumble and San Diego will be first of many cities to fall. Only a few will escape. Some won’t even try.

That’s what will be going down at San Diego Comic-Con at Petco Park. Somehow the dead have started walking and our path is blocked (probably by Con traffic) and it looks like our only way out is to run through an infected zone. How else are we going to get to all the good after parties at the Hard Rock?

Well The Flickcast is up for the challenge. If there was a group of geeks that could survive a Comic Con zombie apocalypse it’s The Flickcast team. Granted Matt might trip me to save himself or even use me as a weapon, we guarantee some member of the team will make it through.

The Walking Dead Escape will be the only place to get a special limited edition cover of The Walking Dead’s momentous 100th issue which all survivors and walker participants will receive. Check out full details at and stay tuned during Comic Con for our trip through The Walking Dead Escape.

Our Escape Route