SDCC 2012: Activision Rumored to Reveal ‘Hit Monkey’ as Next Marvel Gaming Property

There have been rumblings all week leading up to the Marvel Games panel taking place this Saturday at San Diego Comic Con. Activision has stated they will reveal a new Marvel game from the team at High Moon Studios, the same team currently working on Transformers: Fall of Cybertron. The team at Beenox has held the reigns strong for the Spider-Man franchise and there hasn’t been any word on a new X-Men game since X-Men Destiny. Could it have been a post movie release tie-in to the Avengers franchise that THQ had abandoned?

The rumor going around the interwebs right now is a pretty shocking one as it is a character that not many people are even familiar with. Created in 2010 by Daniel Way, Hit Monkey has found his way into crossing paths with some of Marvel’s most iconic characters such as Spider-Man and Deadpool. Supposedly, earlier in the week a website was preemptively published which contained a teaser image for the game. The site has since been pulled down.

Despite the character’s lack of mainstream popularity, Hit Monkey actually offers players a lot of gaming opportunities in line with what Activision has successfully published. While the FPS genre is still Activision’s bread and butter, the team at High Moon Studios has had success with the third person gameplay of Transformers. Considering the high acrobatics of Hit Monkey on top of the gunplay, this certainly seems like a reasonable possibility.

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