SDCC12 XTRA: Hands On with Capcom

SDCC12 XTRA: Hands On with Capcom

At Comic Con, Capcom took the time to let us check out some of their newest titles coming out over the next year. During our time at the Capcom booth we got hands on with Resident Evil 6, the rebooted DMC and the next installment to the Lost Planet franchise.

For Resident Evil 6, we were treated to extended versions of the demo currently available to those who purchased Dragon’s Dogma. In the campaigns we got to play, the action was fast and furious but there was also that intensity often found in Resident Evil games where every bullet needs to count. In addition to deranged people with firearms of their own there were creatures that would assault us with a blast of spikes that would knock you off your feet, leaving you open to further attack.

Also, check out the newest Resident Evil 6 trailer after the jump. Don’t forget that Resident Evil 6 hits the XBox 360 and PlayStation 3 on October 2nd, 2012.

We also got our first hands on with DMC. The Devil May Cry franchise could have been considered a fairly simple one in the past in terms of gameplay between its basic platforming and repetitive combat. This rebooted DMC however already feels like a much tighter action experience, similar in feel to Bayonetta. There is much more strategy to the combat as players can switch between angelic and demonic powers mid combat depending on the combination of enemies in front of them.

DMC also has a better feel to its world and a more relatable main character with Dante’s new persona. With this play through, DMC has made its way much higher on our radar.

The biggest and most positive surprise we got was from Lost Planet 3. We enjoyed the world and character building of the original Lost Planet and while the action in Lost Planet 2 made the game feel bigger, the lack of a strong plot definitely held the game back. Now, Lost Planet 3 combines a strong protagonist with a game that feels even larger in scope. Right at the start of the trailer, players get introduced to the series’ new protagonist who finds himself affected by economic turmoil and he is forced to head to another planet as an energy miner to help provide for his wife and child.

In terms of gameplay, the first thing players will notice is that the mech suit is massive by comparison to the ones in previous Lost Planet titles. Instead of just acting as a suit of heavy armor, it fully changes the gameplay style. Now, players are able to face the larger Akrid threats head on using both the mech’s claws and drill arms.

One great change to the gameplay of Lost Planet 3 is the fact that the player’s health isn’t tied to the energy you collect. That became one of the nuisances that players had to deal with that prevented them from being able to fully explore the world around them in previous games. Of the three Capcom games we got to get hands on with, this is definitely the one San Diego Comic Con left us the most excited to get more of.