TV Recap: ‘American Horror Story: Asylum’ Season 2 Episode 12 – ‘Continuum’

TV Recap: ‘American Horror Story: Asylum’ Season 2 Episode 12 – ‘Continuum’

AHS 2.12 Continuum

The second season of AHS: Asylum has been filled with all kinds of crazy content. This episode was more about the people than the supernatural.

It begins with Kit holding an axe, covered in blood. The family life of Kit is explored, as he, Grace, Alma, and their two children all live together in Kit and Alma’s old house. It is a seemingly happy family.

Grace is obsessed with drawing pictures of the aliens that took her, while Alma wants to pretend that it all never happened. Grace sees it as a miracle and a gift, whereas Alma remembers all the pain and fear that came along with it. Kit splits his time between his two women as needed.

One night Kit wakes up to find Grace drawing again. Grace is trying to convince Kit that the aliens will be coming back and it’s a good thing. Alma kills Grace with an axe.

Monsignor Howard comes to see Sister Jude in the rec room. She reveals that after Howard faked her death, she is now known as Betty Drake. The Monsignor informs Jude that he has been named a Cardinal in New York, and Briarcliff is being donated to the state. He promises to have her released once he gets to New York.

Briarcliff is now being used to house the old patients, as well as criminals from the jail. Included in this group is Kit’s wife Alma.

Jude recognizes one of the women as the Black Angel of Death. The “Angel” has no idea what Jude is talking about, but tries to shake her down for control of Briarcliff. She even goes so far as to stab a guy for not giving her his pills. Due to the influx of patients, they are now doubling up in rooms. Jude returns to her room to find the “Angel” woman as her roommate.

Jude is convinced that this woman is the angel of death and has come for her. The woman makes a pass at Jude and tries to kiss her. Jude snaps and starts attacking her. When the guards come in, Jude has attacked a completely different woman.

Jude is meeting with the institution doctor in Jude’s old office. In talking with this woman, it is revealed that Pepper is dead, Jude has had five different roommates in two months, and that Monsignor Howard has been gone for over two years. Jude thinks he left last Monday. Jude does not remember any of these events.

Lana has written a book about her ordeal called “Maniac”. She is at a book signing at a local bookstore reading a selection from her book. Through this reading, it is obvious that Lana has taken liberties with the story. The ghosts of Dr. Thredson and her girlfriend Wendy appear to confront her about these lies.

Lana is rude to her assistant, and cold to Kit when he comes to visit her. Kit wants her to live up to her promise to bring down Briarcliff and get Jude out of there. Lana still thought Jude was dead. Kit tells Lana about Alma’s death in Briarcliff.

Johnny Morgan goes to a secondhand bookstore looking to get an autographed copy of Lana’s book. He is mad because Lana says in the book that he died shortly after birth. He explains in great detail how he is going to meet and kill Lana.

One episode remains this season, and it looks as though it will focus on Johnny trying to kill Lana, and the final outcome of Briarcliff and Jude. A lot happened in the Season 1 finale, so I’m hoping for an eventful end to a very full season. An explanation for these aliens that were scattered throughout the season would be nice too.