J.J. Abrams + 'Star Wars' = Cool

J.J. Abrams + ‘Star Wars’ = Cool


That’s right folks, as you probably heard already, J.J. Abrams is supposedly set to direct the first movie in the new Star Wars trilogy for Disney. Word came down this afternoon about the deal, which according to sources, is “a lock.”

We got our scoop from a few sources too and so far, the deal looks to be genuine. Although, no “official” conformation has been forthcoming from Abrams himself. We expect that shortly.

In the meantime, now that a writer and director seem to be attached, the next step is, of course, the casting speculation. Sadly, we don’t really know much about the story or the characters, so that might make it more difficult.

Don’t think that will stop people from giving it a try anyway. So, how do we feel about Mr. Abrams taking on the new Star Wars movie? Sound off!