The Criterion Collection Offering Movies Free on Hulu This Weekend

The Criterion Collection Offering Movies Free on Hulu This Weekend


For those of you old enough to know, the Criterion Collection made its name putting together pristine collections of movies and supplemental material back when the Laser Disc was the standard. These collections featured state-of-the-art audio and picture quality as well as behind-the-scenes info, docs, photos and much more.

Over the years the Criterion Collection moved from the Laser Disc to DVD and then Blu-ray. Fortunately, they don’t confine their outstanding catalog of titles to  only physical media. In fact, many of their movies can be found online at places like Hulu.

Which, of course, brings us to the point. Because the folks at the Criterion Collection are so cool, they’re offering their entire catalog of films that stream on Hulu for free this weekend. That’s right, free. . . as in free beer.

Actually, this free movie fest started on February 14th and goes until February 18th. So, that’s more than a weekend! Now you have no excuse to go to Hulu and enjoy some great films.

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