TV RECAP: ‘The Walking Dead’ Episode 314 – ‘Prey’

TV RECAP: ‘The Walking Dead’ Episode 314 – ‘Prey’

walking dead prey

The Governor is setting up a back room with restraints and tools that are most likely going to be used for torture. Martinez is gathering artillery and men to follow The Governor to his meeting with Rick. The Governor wants options.

Milton tries to talk The Governor out of attacking Rick’s crew, to just let it go. The Governor will not forgive them for what happened to his walker daughter. Milton goes to Andrea and tells her everything. Her idea is to just kill Rick. Milton won’t let her, saying that all that will do is put Martinez in charge and nothing will be fixed.

While Andrea and Milton are talking above The Governor’s “dungeon”, he arrives. Andrea has a perfect shot to take him out, but Milton stops her. Andrea tells Milton she has to go back to prison, and wants to bring him. Milton says that he belongs at Woodbury.

Martinez is collecting weapons and makes Andrea give him her gun. The Governor finds Andrea and tells her that he wants her with him for the meeting with Rick. She assures him she will be there.

Sasha and Tyreese are keeping watch while Tyreese practices his shooting. Andrea tries to get them to leave by telling them Martinez wants them to go take care of some walkers. When they won’t leave their post, she tells them that The Governor is not who he seems and threatens to stab Tyreese if they don’t let her go. They let her go.

Tyreese and Sasha tell The Governor that Andrea left, and hope that they are not in trouble for letting her go. The Governor explains that Andrea is in no shape to take care of herself, having spent the whole winter alone in the woods. Is there anyone he won’t lie to? The Governor sends them to go help Martinez, and letting them know that they are not in trouble.

The Governor tells Milton that he is going after Andrea, but Milton tries to stop him. Andrea wants to be with her people. The Governor is able to bully Milton into telling him that he knew Andrea was leaving, and what the real deal with Rick was.

Tyreese and Allen start arguing when Tyreese keeps questioning everyone’s motives. Allen doesn’t want Tyreese to mess up what they have at Woodbury. It deteriorates into an argument about Donna, and how Tyreese saved her when Allen should have.

Andrea is running down a road, but hides behind a tree when she hears a car coming. The car passes, but then a walker grabs her from behind the tree. Andrea is surrounded by three walkers, but manages to take them out and escape.

Martinez and one of the other men bring Tyreese, Sasha, Allen, and Ben to an area where they have walkers in a pit. They catch them and use them as necessary. When Tyreese asks about it, Martinez says that are using them as protection for the meeting with Rick.

Tyreese refuses to do it, and Allen confronts him, saying that he doesn’t speak for everyone. Allen and Tyreese fight, and once it is broken up, Martinez sends the four of them back to Woodbury.

Andrea is going through a field when she sees a car on the road. She hides in the grass thinking it has passed, but it turns into the field and starts chasing her. It’s The Governor.

Andrea escapes through the woods to some old set of buildings, but The Governor has pulled into the same compound looking for her. She ends up in a building, but knocks something over, and The Governor enters that building to look for her.

They play some cat and mouse for a while, before The Governor finds her. Andrea tries to escape, but there are a ton of walkers behind the door. When The Governor confronts her, she releases the walkers towards him and hurries upstairs. She escapes the building to the scream of The Governor trying to fend off the walkers.

Someone douses the trailer and pit of walkers with gasoline and sets it on fire. The person is not shown, but the obvious suspect would be Milton.

Andrea emerges from the woods to see the prison. She is waving towards the prison when The Governor tackles her. Rick thinks he sees something, and looks through his binoculars, but doesn’t see anything.

The Governor returns to Woodbury, but tells Martinez that he was unable to find Andrea. Martinez tells The Governor about the burned biters, and that there have been some troublemakers, such at Tyreese and Sasha. The Governor instructs Martinez to collect more biters.

The Governor speaks to Tyreese, Sasha, Allen, and Ben. He tells them that the biters are a bluff; it’s just to scare Rick and his crew. He is trying to save lives here. Tyreese apologizes and says that they want to stay, and nothing like this will happen again. The Governor asks Tyreese where he got the gasoline, but Tyreese has no idea what he is talking about.

Milton tells The Governor that he hopes they find the person who burned all the biters. The Governor tells Milton he already knows who did it. Milton looks nervous. The episode ends showing Andrea strapped to a chair in The Governor’s torture room.

With only two episodes left this season, there is still much to settle. What happens to Andrea, Milton, and Tyreese and his crew? There is still the impending war between Woodbury and the prison. Will Merle stick with Daryl and the crew, or will he go into business for himself? An exciting final two episodes will hopefully make up for some not so exciting episodes in the middle of the season.