TV RECAP: ‘The Following’ Episode 112 – ‘The Curse’

TV RECAP: ‘The Following’ Episode 112 – ‘The Curse’

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Claire takes Joey and tries to leave, but the front gate is locked. She is confronted by Roderick and a bunch of followers, who bring them back inside. Claire is fitted with a tracking device. Joe tells her that trust must be earned.

While investigating the old armory, Hardy gets a call from Joe. Joe is having trouble with the motivation of Hardy’s character in the novel, and wants to hear about the death of his father. Hardy accuses Joe of being desperate, and Joe hangs up on him.

The FBI finds ties to an old militia man, Daniel Monroe. He is now a black market arms dealer. At the safe house, Joe, Vince, and Roderick are also discussing Monroe. Roderick says they can trust Monroe, but Joe wants him dead anyway. Joe is taking Vince and Jacob with him.

Vince knows where they can find Monroe. At almost the same time (a very common occurrence with this series), Parker finds an address for a known associate of Monroe. Parker, Hardy, and Weston head to the address to check the place out.

Weston breaks into the house, and they look around. A man attacks Hardy, and Weston beats the man repeatedly. The man is Brian Fowler, a former militia man. He won’t say where Monroe is, and Weston hits him again. Weston has gone nuts. They hear a noise in the basement, and Hardy and Weston go to check it out.

Hardy and Weston find Monroe in the basement, and sit him down to talk to him. While they are trying to get information from Monroe, Jacob shows up and kills Brian while Parker is in the other room. When she comes back, Jacob knocks her out.

Hardy hears a noise in the basement, and comes across Vince. He knocks Vince down, and shoots him. When he comes back, Monroe is dead and Joe has Weston tied up.

Joe wants to hear about the death of Hardy’s father. It will help Joe figure out what makes him tick. Hardy was in the car when his father was killed during a robbery at a store. Hardy found his father dying in the store, and watched him die.

Joe feels that he and Hardy are the same. Death fuels them, and it is through death that they both live. Joe intimates that there is something more to Hardy, but Hardy says that it just is. The man who killed Hardy’s father died three days after the shooting of a drug overdose. Joe says that the world is sometimes fair in that way. Hardy does not feel the same way.

Jacob brings Parker down to the basement, and there is a small standoff. Jacob throws Parker at Hardy, and Joe and Jacob escape. Hardy tries to go after them, but they are gone when he gets outside.

Claire has read Joe’s book on his laptop, and confronts him when he comes to see her that night. She tells him that his plan is never going to work, and he hasn’t learned anything from his last book. Joe almost hits her, and then storms off.

Joe finds Emma in the kitchen, and apologizes for ignoring her lately. He starts rubbing her neck, and they have sex. Meanwhile, Jacob calls his father, but then hangs up.

The episode ends with a flashback of Hardy after his father’s death. He has a gun pointed at the man who shot his father, and is forcing him to overdose. So it turns out that Hardy killed the man who killed his father. This was led into by Hardy telling Weston to keep himself in check, so he doesn’t do something he will spend the rest of his life trying to make up for.