The Flickcast - Ep. 211: You Got Jaeger In My Kaiju

The Flickcast – Ep. 211: You Got Jaeger In My Kaiju


This week on The Flickcast, we’re just going to pretend nothing happend and move on. Although, that’s not really fair. Okay, let’s try this instead.

Welcome to an all-new episode of The Flickcast featuring new co-host Joe Dilworth! How’s that? Yeah, we like that better because we’re happy to have him on the show.

To kick things off on this week’s episode, Chris and Joe discuss all manner of new topics including Pacific Rim, Oldboy, Man of Steel, the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con and much more.

In addition, the boys made some picks this week including Joe’s pick of the new album by Kirby Krackle and Chris’ pick of a geeky piece of hardware known as the Nest. Yes, he picked one of those. He’s a geek, we get it.

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