Take a Behind the Scenes Look on 'Skylanders SWAP Force'

Take a Behind the Scenes Look on ‘Skylanders SWAP Force’

Skylanders SWAP Force Whats New

Right now, I am counting down the days until my savings account basically becomes non-existent. On one side, I have a new console generation so there goes a few hundred bucks instantly. On the other, we have the next version of Skylanders with the largest launch lineup of new characters since the game’s inception in Skylanders SWAP Force. In other words, “Goodbye monies.” But I can’t complain. I am the one choosing to buy them after all. But of course, Vicarious Visions can’t help but make the wait and anticipation worse by showing off the new characters.

Skylanders SWAP Force will take place in a new location called the Cloudbreak Islands. Here, there is some mystical volcano that erupts every hundred years and this is the source of the SWAP Force’s SWAP ability. Back to his old habits is the series’ antagonist Kaos. But this time he isn’t alone as he is accompanied by his mom. Because if there is one thing more intimidating than a horrible wizard, it is one that needs to bring his mom to a fight.

Two new features to the game that the developers are excited about are the in-engine cinematics which seamlessly transition between story and gameplay and the added ability to jump. Jumping has been one thing missing from the Skylander series and has always been noticeable but never necessarily a huge downfall of the series. But, once having it, it isn’t likely people will be jumping back to previous titles any time soon.

There will also be an added focus on multiplayer with new One on One levels as well as a Ring Out mode. In addition, there will be three Survival modes. These wave based modes will be either solo, team or rival, where players work together to survive but must focus on getting the most points for the latter.

Skylanders SWAP Force is due out October 13th for the XBox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U, Wii and Nintendo 3DS and will be coming out for the PlayStation 4 and XBox One with their release. Stay tuned for more Skylanders news as we get it. Check out the behind the scenes trailer and the “Just Like SWAP Force” trailer below.


  • Chris
    September 23, 2013 at 7:02 pm

    Skylanders Swapforce Dark for Xbox One…When will it be released and I assume Gamestop will be the retailer?

    Please, can anybody provide some truthful answers?