TV RECAP: ‘American Horror Story: Coven’ Episode 304: ‘Fearful Pranks Ensue’

TV RECAP: ‘American Horror Story: Coven’ Episode 304: ‘Fearful Pranks Ensue’

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In 1961 New Orleans, a black boy is chased down by some angry white local men and hung in the woods. His mother works in Marie Laveau’s hair salon. As revenge, Laveau casts a spell, reanimating the dead, and releasing them on the murderers.

Spalding is shown having a creepy tea party in his room with a bunch of dolls when he hears some screaming. This is when he comes upon Fiona killing Madison. Fiona tells him it is her duty to stay vital, and that Spalding seems so much more wise without his tongue.

Fiona hears a crash and rushes outside to find Queenie bleeding and near death. The minotaur (I’ve been incorrectly calling him a mantaur – sorry folks, too much wrestling as kid) is still in the greenhouse. We’ll find out later that Fiona beheaded the minotaur, and sends the head to Marie Laveau.

Fiona wakes up Cordelia so they can help Queenie. They are too busy arguing about Marie Laveau, and Queenie passes out. Fiona breathes some breath into her, and Queenie regains consciousness. Fiona won’t let Cordelia call 911, telling her she needs to handle everything internally. They wouldn’t want a visit from The Council.

Zoe is still at Kyle’s house, trying to figure out what to do with him. She feels terrible about what he’s become. She makes him some food, and most likely laced it with rat poison. But when she comes back, Kyle is gone. On Halloween.

Cordelia is on the phone with Hank, who is on a business trip. His meeting has arrived, so he let’s Cordelia go. Little does she know that his meeting is with a beautiful young lady. Hank is a cheater!

Apparently he met this girl in an online chat community about Thomas Kinkade paintings. They have quite the romp in bed, and Hank seems almost possessed. Maybe Cordelia’s fertility spell worked after all? The girl says everything will be ok, as long as Hank doesn’t break her heart. He caresses her cheek lovingly before whipping out a gun and shooting her right in the head. She didn’t see it coming, and I certainly didn’t see it coming. I just kept saying, literally, out loud, “Whoa”. At least seven or eight times. I don’t know where this is going, but I like it.

Surprise! The council has shown up out of the blue and wants to talk to Cordelia. The Council had no idea Queenie was almost killed, or that Cordelia went to see Marie Laveau. They are there to investigate a missing witch – Madison. Nan can’t hear Madison’s thoughts anymore, and fears she is dead.

The Council interviews everyone, and it certainly seems like they are zeroing in on Fiona. Fiona has neglected many of her duties as Supreme. She also has been in the house for two separate witch disappearances.

They flashback to the house after Annalee died. A young girl (who we find out was Council head herself Myrtle Snow) believes that Fiona killed Annalee. She has enchanted Spalding’s tongue so it cannot tell anything but the truth.

This is where it gets weird. We had all assumed that Fiona cut his tongue out. What actually happened was Spalding heard Myrtle say his tongue was enchanted. He professed his love for Fiona before cutting his own tongue out to protect her. When Myrtle asks him to write down the name of the witch responsible for cutting out his tongue, he writes down Myrtle Snow, not Fiona Good.

Myrtle is convinced that Fiona killed Madison because she was the Supreme in waiting. Cordelia reveals that Madison could not have been the next Supreme. Madison had a heart murmur, and unhealthy witches cannot become the Supreme. Fiona is stunned, mainly because she killed the wrong girl.

Fiona takes Cordelia out drinking, trying to get her to give up the name of the actual Supreme in waiting. Cordelia won’t tell her, and ends up going to the bathroom because she is sick. While she is in there, a cloaked individual throws acid or something into Cordelia’s face. For what it’s worth, I’m banking on Zoe being the Supreme in waiting.

Spalding is having another creepy tea party. He is wearing some woman’s clothing, and pulls a dress out of the closet. He has a new guest at his tea party, the dead body of Madison!

Marie wants to start another war with the witches; apparently there have been some years of peace due to a treaty that was signed. Marie raises the dead once more, and they are all converging on the witches’ school. Delphine assumes they are coming after her, not realizing that they are being sent for Fiona. Luke is stuck in the house, as he had brought some treats for Nan to thank her for the cake she baked him.