TV RECAP: ‘American Horror Story: Coven’ Episode 311: ‘Protect the Coven’

TV RECAP: ‘American Horror Story: Coven’ Episode 311: ‘Protect the Coven’

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Fiona delivers a quite uninspired eulogy for Nan, and Cordelia talks with Myrtle about again trying to get rid of Fiona.  Queenie arrives with Delphine, who has been put back together.  Everyone is surprised to see the both of them, as Queenie was believed to have died during the attack at the beauty parlor, and Marie had told Queenie to burn Delphine’s head.

Hank’s father has had his men arrange it so that it is never known that Hank was the shooter at the salon.  He also wants to buy the coven off so that his company can recover.  He vows to kill the witches after he gets what he wants.

The first part of this episode is a narrative by Delphine, which ends with her having a black handyman tied up in the attic room.  She first discovered the joy of killing slaves when she first arrived in New Orleans.  She has felt unfulfilled as of late, and figures that killing again will bring her vitality back.

Zoe uses her magic to find out that Fiona and Marie killed Nan in the tub.  Madison has become jealous that Zoe fell in love with Kyle, and tries to hurt Zoe by seducing Kyle in front of her.  Kyle refuses and says he loves Zoe.  Madison is furious, and vows to take Kyle apart, since she was the one who put him together in the first place.

The Axeman determines that he and Fiona need to kill the young supreme, and suggest that after they do that they should abandon their lives and start a fresh clean life together.  Fiona agrees, but wants something else in return first.

Spalding’s ghost reveals himself to Delphine after she is done killing the handyman.  She tries to explain what happened, but Spalding stops her, saying that “one does not explain art, one simply admires it”.  He tells Delphine that he was murdered in that very room (I had actually forgotten and had to look it up).

Delphine confesses that she thought going back to her torturous ways would give her some fulfillment, but it doesn’t appear to be the case.  Spalding tells her he can give her the release she needs.  If Marie dies, then the spell is lifted.  Marie was given immortality through magic, and thus magic can help kill her.  She can be undone, and he can provide the means.  But, he wants Delphine to get something for him first.

Queenie is leaving the coven.  She feels betrayed by both the voodoo women and the coven.  Cordelia tries to convince her to stay, but Queenie is determined.  She thinks she may be the next supreme, and give Cordelia the silver bullet that she shot herself with to kill Hank.

Cordelia is trying to come up with a concoction that will give her her visions back.  She is not having any luck.  Since she can’t use her magic to get them back, she decides to stab both of her eyes out with garden shears.  Seems reasonable enough.  Fiona hurries home to see Cordelia, but when Myrtle reminds her that all of her secrets will be revealed, she makes an excuse about needing a drink first and never goes to see her.

Delphine brings Spalding some rare old doll that he had requested, and in return gives her the magic potion to stop Marie – Benadryl.  I know that Delphine isn’t from the current timeline, but even she should have realized that a magic potion would not be packaged by a major corporation.

Myrtle meets with Zoe in the greenhouse.  She gives Zoe some old piece of jewelry and tells her to hock it if she needs money.  She wants Zoe to take Kyle and leave the coven. Myrtle gives her bus tickets, and gets very angry when Zoe doesn’t immediately say yes.  When Zoe says she may be the next supreme, Myrtle urges her even more to leave.  Either Fiona or Madison will kill her if she stays.

Fiona and Marie meet with Delphi Trust, where Hank’s father tries to strike a truce with Fiona and Marie.  They politefully counter with an outrageous offer, before saying that maybe they should just kill all of them.  The waiter reveals himself to be the Axeman, and he kills all of the men except for Hank’s father.  He calls Fiona a witch-bitch, and Fiona kills him with the axe.

Delphine slips the Benadryl into Marie’s drink and then tries to stab her.  Marie tells her she can’t die, and then laughs at Delphine when she throws the “magic potion” at Marie.  Marie chases after Delphine before Spalding knocks out Marie with a doll.  Spalding confesses that Marie cannot die; he just wanted her out of the way.  He tells Delphine to bury her so that she can’t dig herself out.  Spalding is then shown up in his room holding the baby Marie had stolen, saying that he finally had a living doll.

Kyle doesn’t want to leave the coven, as he is afraid of what he may do to Zoe or others.  He is having trouble controlling his emotions.  She finally convinces him that it’s ok, and they are shown getting on a bus to Orlando.