'Loudout' Gets an Expletive Filled Launch Trailer from Rooster Teeth

‘Loudout’ Gets an Expletive Filled Launch Trailer from Rooster Teeth

Loadout Cover image

Tomorrow, a new Free-To-Play FPS takes the field to take on the king of the hill, Team Fortress 2. There are a lot of the same sensibilities and even certain aspects of the art style that can be seen in both Loadout and Team Fortress 2 but Loadout looks to deliver a much more over the top and immaturely “mature” experience. Loadout will be releasing tomorrow on Steam for PC.

As you’ll see in the trailer below (or if you watched any of their Let’s Play footage), the team from Rooster Teeth can’t help but fill the internet with their foul mouths when playing Loadout. The game lends itself to it so naturally.

With over 44,000,000 combinations of weapons that can be created and mashed together, it’s hard not to swear when you see your character survive an explosion that has blown most of their face off or left a hole clear in the center of their chest.

Not surprisingly, Loadout will have an in game currency which players can use to unlock character and weapon customizations. While earned in game, these Spacebux can also be purchased through various packs that include Spacebux, weeks of XP boost and various in game items as well. But, as with most games, it looks like these paid variables won’t affect the end result of the matches too much as it will ultimately come down to who is the better shooter player than anything else. Even the best weapon upgrades can’t help you not totally suck if you just have no skills.

Make sure to check out the full trailer featuring commentary from the team at Rooster Teeth for Loadout which comes out tomorrow as a free-to-play download on Steam for PC.


  • KISH
    January 30, 2014 at 12:15 pm

    Please alter this post. Spacebux have been changed and there are now two in-game currencies. Weapon parts etc (things that affect gameplay) can only be earned by playing. Spacebux can be bought with real money but can only be used to buy Cosmetics.