TV RECAP: ‘The Following’ Episode 204: ‘Family Affair’

TV RECAP: ‘The Following’ Episode 204: ‘Family Affair’

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Joe and Mandy are watching a house from their car. The woman finds her young son missing and panics. She sees a man outside and goes to confront. Joe says hi to her, and she is happy to see him.  Her name is Jenna, and she is a member of Joe’s cult.

Hardy thinks that all of the new cult activity is to lure Joe out of hiding. Max is skeptical that Joe is alive, but is willing to listen if Hardy can find some proof. Hardy doesn’t want her jeopardizing her job to help him, but she is stubborn too and says she is helping him whether he likes it or not.

Weston has found some information on Lily Gray. Her parents died when she was young, and she was adopted by a wealthy man. He died, and left all his money to her. Lily is worth 1.4 billion dollars. The twins are boys she adopted after their mother died giving birth. Lily’s business partner, David Roland, is out of the hospital but is refusing to speak to authorities.  The FBI doesn’t know if he’s involved or in danger.

Meanwhile, Lily and Luke arrive at their hideout. Lily tells Luke that they shouldn’t have killed Carlos, as it may cause Joe to not trust them.  Giselle is staying behind in New York to take care of David, since Luke and Mark did not get the job done the first time.  David doesn’t know anything, but she’d prefer for him to not talk to the police anyway.

Lily has a regular melting pot of a family, all different foreign “kids” that she says she rescued from lives of violence and neglect. Lily welcomes Emma with open arms. Emma is concerned that Lily is only being nice to her so she will tell Joe it is safe to come there if he resurfaces.

Giselle finds David in his apartment, and strangles him with a garrote. The FBI is at David’s official residence, but Hardy knows he wouldn’t be there. He has Max find any property owned by David’s lawyer.  He finds the apartment, but is too late, as David is already dead. Hardy manages to chase Giselle for a bit, but is only able to get her license plate as she nearly runs him down while escaping.

Joe asks Jenna about Joey, but all she knows is that he is in witness protection with his grandmother and it is impossible to find them.  She has, however, been able to make a fake ID for him. She also gives him some cash and credit cards, and even the food out of her refrigerator. Mandy is under the impression that Joe will kill Jenna, since they got what they wanted.  Joe explains to her that Jenna is a friend and there is a difference. I don’t think Mandy fully understood.  This may be a problem in the future.

Lily explains to Emma how when the twins started exhibiting some not so pleasant traits.  But, she chose to love them as they were.  She even surrounded them with like-minded individuals.  Emma says that’s what Joe did.  Lily feels this is why she feels so close to Joe, even though she’s never met him.

Joe calls Emma, asking her the people he’s seen on the news are friends.  Emma tells Joe that it is safe, and tells Joe to come back to her.

Mendez has Hardy arrested for interfering in the investigation, but only holds him for a short time before releasing him.  In the meantime, Max has tracked the stolen car Giselle used to Grand Central Station.  She sees Giselle at a café, and sits down at a table near her.

Hardy calls Max after being released and she tells him that she is looking right at Giselle.  Hardy tells her to wait until he gets there.  Giselle packs up and leaves, so Max makes the decision to follow her, even though Hardy told her not to.  Giselle senses Max following her, and beats her up, fleeing into Grand Central Station.

Hardy and Max split up to find Giselle, and Max points her out hiding behind a pillar as a train is arriving.  Hardy fights with Giselle, who yells for help.  Well meaning citizens hold back Hardy while Giselle gets on the train.  Hardy calls Max, who reveals that she is on the train as well, and has eyes on Giselle.

Joe and Mandy meet Emma and one of the twins in a cemetery, and Emma flings herself at Joe, crying and yelling and letting all of her emotions out.  He tells her he is back now.  Joe and Mandy arrive at the house to find Lily waiting for them, all dressed up.  Emma looks jealous, and Joe just says “Oh my.”

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