The Flickcast Episode 276: They're Here (Again)

The Flickcast Episode 276: They’re Here (Again)


Once again, it’s a brand new episode of The Flickcast. But don’t worry, still not counting them to make sure you know we’re awesome and can deliver a new episode every week. Well, maybe a little bit because, well, we are awesome.

On this week’s show, Chris and Joe talk about a whole bunch of stuff including the return of The Walking Dead, the new Poltergeist trailer, Game of Thrones Season 5, the upcoming Daredevil series from Netflix, the New New 52 and what’s going on with DC comics and a whole lot more, more more. Yep, it’s another long episode, but it’s chock full of good stuff. We hope you enjoy.

Picks this week include Chris’ pick of the new Star Wars comic from Marvel and Joe’s pick of the new TV series Backstrom, starring Rain Wilson.

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