WonderCon 2016 Flashback: Mighty Wallet, Exclusive Crates & Cosplay

WonderCon 2016 Flashback: Mighty Wallet, Exclusive Crates & Cosplay

WonderCon 2016

Con Season 2016 has begun! With everything from PAX East this upcoming weekend all the way to Comikaze in October, the best half of the year is underway. In an effort to best cover these, The Flickcast has made sure I have appropriate credentials to get on the floor (or at the least, a map of where all the best bars and parties are) at each convention.

First, I headed to WonderCon as a part of The Flickcast team and Whiskey & Waffles. At the event, I had four very important ‘jobs’:

1. Speak on the SKYBOUND panel about digital video creators

2. Take the Mighty Wallet Challenge

3. Snag one of Loot Crate’s 2016 Convention Exclusive Crates

4. Cosplay as Hawkeye

#1 went off without a hitch, but sadly wasn’t the right kind of panel to make a video from. But, the rest had some potential.

If you’ve never heard about a Mighty Wallet, they are the most durable wallet made out of paper. It takes some real muscle to destroy one… or so we heard. Of course, this gave me the idea to challenge a bunch of super heroes to see if they could ruin the wallet.

From the March “Vs” themed Loot Crate, I got a Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice Mighty Wallet and couldn’t think of something I’d want to see destroyed more. We asked for some help from the team of IsmaHawk, Sneaky Zebra and the Headlocked comic. This is the end result.

Keeping that Loot Crate theme going, the LC team created a special edition crate just for the 2016 convention circuit. At SDCC last year, they had a Creature and Galactic crate. This year, the crate is themed around survival of the convention circuit with a clever combo of gear and fun collectibles inside.

Finally, I wrap up this WonderCon flashback with something I merely participated in but sadly can’t take credit for. As with many conventions, the most impressive sights are the cosplayers. WonderCon 2016 was no exception. Not only did I go in as Hawkeye, but I got to hit a cosplay milestone by being a part of one of Sneaky Zebra‘s CMV’s (Cosplay Music Videos). Make sure to take a peek and spread the love!

WonderCon 2016 was an amazing way to kick of 2016 and I look forward to sharing more of my adventures with you through the rest of the year!



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