Weekly Link Love: YouTube Content Creators

Weekly Link Love: YouTube Content Creators

weekly link loveThat’s right, it’s time for another edition of Weekly Link Love. As we’ve done before, this is where we highlight websites, blogs, videos or other things we think you should know about.

This time around we’re highlighting a few of the great YouTube content creators we watch and enjoy on the regular. These talented folks work tirelessly to bring us informative, entertaining and fun video content and we think it’s time they got the love they deserve.

You may have heard of none, some or all of these creators, but whatever the case, we think they warrant a spot in the Weekly Link Love. As always, don’t forget to spread the love. Comment, like and subscribe. But remember, be kind.

Now, on to the links!

Critical Role – The one that started, and continues to lead, the D&D streaming explosion. Great adventures and an amazing cast of characters. Is it Thursday yet?

Dylan Laine – Want to learn piano, guitar or ukulele, Dylan is the one to watch.

Grainy Days – Photographer Jason Kummerfeldt takes you through his process, photos and inspirations in a fun, funny and informative way. And his photos are pretty great too. Oh, and Baxter is awesome. In fact, just check out the channel for Baxter. You won’t be sorry. 

iJustine – She’s been in the tech game for quite some time but, if you want to know anything about anything tech, Justine has got you covered. Smart, funny, talented and knowledgeable. A winning combination the entertains and informs.

James Hoffman – If you want to know anything about making the best cup of coffee you possibly can, James is your man. If he doesn’t know, nobody does.

Lindsey Ellis – Some of the best and most insightful film and television commentary and analysis you’ll find on YouTube. Do you want to understand how and why movies and TV shows work, or don’t work? Watch Lindsey.

Matt Day – One of the best photography channels on YouTube. Matt is an amazing photographer and a great dude. If you love photography, film or digital, check him out for sure. 

New Rockstars – Led by Eric Voss, this channel is one of our favorites for crazy movie and television commentary, deep dives and theories. Eric knows his stuff and finds the hidden meanings, signs, Easter eggs and clues where others can’t.

WASD20 – A hub for D&D and tabletop role-players and map makers. This channel is another of our favorites.

Whiskey and Waffles – We’re probably a little biased here. Ok, more than a little. Still, this is a great channel with some fun content. We especially love that D&D Twitch stream 

Wyrmwood – These guys make some of the best D&D tables and accessories in the world. Their channel, Wyrm Lyfe, is damn funny and full of interesting (and a few crazy) characters. We never miss an episode.  

That’s it for this week. Let us know if you find an interesting link you’d like to share.

Until then, don’t forget to spread the love!

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