The Flickcast's 'On the Radar'

The Flickcast’s ‘On the Radar’

This week On the Radar bring a whole slew of new and interesting stuff. Let us know if we missed anything.

• The Flickcast’s own Elisabeth Rappe reports from the set of Jonah Hex (for another site but we don’t care, we love her).

• James Cameron says 3D will replace 2D soon. Yes, but when will substance replace style?

• True Blood gets a comic book. At least that’s better than a Lady Gaga comic. . . oh, wait.

• Heroes to get the axe? Isn’t it about time, really? The show has pretty much sucked sense Season One.

• Judge Dredd is returning to the big screen. He is the law, dammit!

• Some guys made a Mega Man movie. Why? Why the hell not?

• Hayden Christensen to help rip off The Da Vinci Code in The Genesis Code. But what about the younglings?

• Michael Bay says the Racist Robots will be banished from Transformers 3. On a related note, Michael Bay is a liar.

Rambo 5: To be or not to be…nobody seems to know. Or care? Come on, you were thinking it too.

• First SNL, now fans campaigning for Betty White to host an Alien Parasite. She’s getting too old for this shit.

• A Zombie Beatles movie gets greenlit, gives whole new meaning to HELP!

• Jonah Hex. You’re waiting for the movie, so why not enjoy the motion comic in the meantime

• Finally, someone has put together a list of five movies to avoid while taking a crap. Ok, so where’s our list of five movies to watch while taking a crap?

• Where the hell was this Star Wars toy when we were kids? Awesome.

• The slap fight between Apple and Adobe continues. Can’t we all just get along? Besides, while you two are fighting, who’s working on my jetpack?

• Katherine Heigl will live forever in a new movie. Can you imagine being stuck with her throughout eternity? Sheesh. . .

• Edward Norton spills on what will bring him back for The Avengers. We won’t keep you in suspense, it’s the fans. Oh, and gobs of money probably wouldn’t hurt either.