Hands-On: ‘Dead Rising 2′ For Xbox 360, Brand New Screen Shots

Hands-On: ‘Dead Rising 2′ For Xbox 360, Brand New Screen Shots

At Comic Con, the Flickcast got our first opportunity to get hands on with Dead Rising 2. Standing next to a replica of the game’s workshop covered with dozens of makeshift weapons, we got to see just what is in store for the game’s new lead, Chuck Greene on the streets of Fortune City.

Right off the bat, Dead Rising 2 feels bigger. Knowing you aren’t confined to the space of just one shopping mall, there is a level of freedom that didn’t exist in the original title. It also appears that there are even more zombies on screen at the same time in this game as well.

The animation is still fluid and it feels like the control, especially in regard to aiming, has been tightened up some. One drastically improved feature of the gameplay is the lifespan of weapons. In the original game, weapons fell apart at an alarming rate. Players were forced to flee more than fight which ultimately lead to Frank West not living up to the potential badass he could have been. Chuck, who already has some badass cred to his name being a motocross rider, feels like he can take the fight to the zombie horde that has engulfed the US rather than just hope to survive like Frank did.

Obviously the newest element being brought to the game is the workshop where Frank can combine weapons to create even more deadly instruments of destruction. In an almost Pokemon-like “Gotta find ’em all” way, players begin searching through levels for the right items they need to make these deadlier combinations. The most frightening, which is seen below, is without a doubt the Teddy Bear Machine Gun Turret.

Also below, make sure to check out the newest set of screen shots from Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising: Case Zero from this week’s Gamescom in Cologne, Germany. Stick to the Flickcast for all your video game news as it becomes available.