Activision's 'X-Men: Destiny' Gets A New Trailer

Activision’s ‘X-Men: Destiny’ Gets A New Trailer

The X-Men have potentially been one of the greatest comic book to video game franchises possible. Looking back to the classic arcade days, X-Men was a title that many gamers in their twenties pumped handfuls of quarters into to no end.

After that, pickings were fairly slim until the X-Men Legends games came out, followed by another drought until Wolverine: Origins, one of the few video game movie tie ins that was not only good, but ended up surpassing the quality of the film it was based off of. The X-Men seemingly would be perfect for the video game world with their plethora of both compelling characters and wide variety of powers to play with. But, as seen from title’s like Arcade’s Revenge, not everyone can seemingly get the franchise right.

Take a peek at Silicon Knight’s attempt at the X-Men franchise with X-Men: Destiny. Destiny looks great in motion as all the footage in this trailer is in-engine, not prerendered cut scenes. Each of the characters does a good job capturing the look and feel of the comics, although it is strange that the Juggernaut looks to have almost the same appearance as he did in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, a game not produced by Silicon Knights.

The hardest part for the game to overcome will be our preconceived notions of the characters, whether it be their voices like the great voice actors who portrayed both Cyclops and Magneto in the 90’s cartoon series or Hugh Jackman’s performance as Wolverine in the past five X-Men films. These sounds and images have become ingrained in our heads and it will be hard for a new title to live up to them. Hopefully the folks from Silicon Knights are up to the challenge.

Take a peek at the trailer in action below and make sure to let us know what you think!