Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide For the Geeky Girl & Guy in Your Life

Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide For the Geeky Girl & Guy in Your Life

Here we are, less than a week away from Christmas, and you’re without a clue for those last two folks you have yet to buy presents for. What’s a loving friend to do? That’s where we are here to help, with some awesome gifts that will be a hole in one for that special geek in your life.

For Him

Sure, there have been plenty of cool gifts out this year, but what about the one that speaks to his inner TV, Fantasy, and Sci-Fi geek? Here’s a good start

Love a good gag? Then the Prank Pack gift box set is for you, complete with practical joke boxes like the iArm, Dream Griddle, or the Beer Beard. Definitely worth a laugh or two on Christmas morning. – $19.99 for 3

HBO has got some great ideas for you to fill those stockings as well. Here are some of the great ideas for guys.

Wish you were Kenny Powers? Then this baseball cap with built-in mullet is for you. – $29.99

Open letters like a true king with this Game of Thrones sword letter opener. Mail is coming. – $19.99

Steve Buscemi you are not, but that doesn’t mean you can’t light up in style with this Boardwalk Empire Zippo lighter.$32.99

Finally, for those political nuts, here’s something that shouts your political beliefs whenever you drink with the Real Time with Bill Maher quote mug. – $14.99

Bigger fan of the music from shows than the show itself? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with one of the best soundtracks of the year, for Game of Thrones Season 1. – $17.95


For Her

Help her get to sleep a bit better with an official Big Bang Theory singing Soft Kitty plush doll. – $30.00

Are you a girl in a techie world that can’t find a fashionable and affordable way to carry around your gear? The E-GO Collection will help you out. – $99.00 – $179.00

Can’t decide which your favorite True Blood character is? Pick up all 3 of these “I Love” T-Shirts and share them just like Snooki! – $24.99

Sink your fangs into the titular drink that has all the vamps in Bon Temps craving for more, the True Blood Energy Drink. – 6 pack for $10.99

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