New Minimates Lines Being Released for Classic Spider-Man Story and 'Marvel vs. Capcom 3'

New Minimates Lines Being Released for Classic Spider-Man Story and ‘Marvel vs. Capcom 3’

Since most of the major Marvel Universe players have found their way already into the Minimates line, ArtAsylum is now able to give some spotlight to some of the heroes, villains and storylines from the past. This time in the 43rd wave of the Minimates line, which also marks the ten year anniversary of the product, the Marvel Minimates will focus on the “Death of Jean Dewolff” storyline.

Back in the mid 80’s when comics were beginning to mature in both artistic merit and story themes, editor on the Spectacular Spider-Man Jim Owsley gave writer Peter David the task of knocking off detective Jean DeWolff. The character of Sin-Eater was created as a way to kill DeWolff. Interestingly enough, the biggest impact of this story is the indirect creation of Venom as Eddie Brock claimed to have found out who the real Sin Eater was, only to be disproven by Spider-Man catching the real killer and costing Brock his job.

You can check out Art Asylum’s interview with creator Peter David here on their site and check out the full gallery of the collection after the jump.

Also coming out are the latest in the Marvel vs. Capcom 3 wave of characters. The wave will feature two different sets. Specialty stores will be getting the following two packs:

Spider-Man vs. Chris Redfield from Resident Evil

Wolverine vs. Viewtiful Joe from Viewtiful Joe

Super Skrull vs. Crimson Viper from Street Fighter

Storm vs. Jill Valentine from Resident Evil

Toys R Us Stores on the other hand will lose the Super Skrull / Viper and Storm / Jill packs in favor of:

Taskmaster vs. Nathan Spencer from Bionic Commando

Sentinel vs. First Appearance Ryu from Street Fighter

Take a peek at the gallery below of all ten Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Minimates which have already started rolling out in stores.